Positive, renewable energy, sobriety

Positive, renewable energy, sobriety

Renovating or new, make your swimming pools and aquatic centers ecological, economical and sober.

Positive energy, 100% renewable, 30-40% water savings… the swimming pool of tomorrow will be durable and profitable.

Swimming pools and aquatic centers produce their own green energy. This energy is available all year round thanks to hydrogen and green battery storage. 

Positive energy building, surplus energy can be resold and/or shared with surrounding buildings to contribute to the decarbonization of our cities and territories. 

This equipment becomes sober by reducing water consumption and reusing wastewater and rainwater. 

By using data, swimming pools become intelligent and connected. A “brain”, a Black Box, controls everything, in particular energy and water.

Beyond public swimming pools and aquatic centers, the TOURNESOL approach and systems can be applied to all buildings: schools, buildings, logistics warehouses, sports centers, large facilities, etc.

Our mission

We transform public swimming pools and aquatic centers, and beyond all buildings, into positive energy, ecological, economical and sober buildings.

Our Solution

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Beyond swimming pools, improve energy efficiency
of your buildings thanks to Tournesol solutions